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Do you have two sons?

Yup!  Both are grown and on their own living near NYC.  My older son is an Acupuncturist and he and his wife have a little girl.  My younger son is an artist, puzzling out how to make a living and make art at the same time.

Where do you buy your beads?

Ha!  I love this question.  The real (and evasive) answer is: Everywhere!  I have a few catalogue sources that I go to for glass and silver.  There is a place in NJ that I get my big glass beads from for the "tears and spears" necklaces.  I hand pick most of the semi precious stones my self at a few stores in NYC.  Shopping is an integral part of the creative adventure.  It's important to be be able to design on the go! 

What do you string on?

I use Softflex because it is the most durable and supple of all of the beading wires.  It is a plastic covered stainless steel cable. My new pendants are on Greek leather cause that is the softest and strongest leather around.  The lariats are on a silk poly blend.

Why don't you sell to more stores?

Right now, I still make every single piece myself.  No stringers, no helpers, no one to wash the glass beads or stock the shelves for me.  I would rather make enough work to take to the shows than make twice as much work to stock a store.  It's way more fun to sell the work and see who buys it that it is to mail a box to a store!

This is a gift.  If she doesn't like it can she return it?

I have never, ever had a return because someone didn't like the jewelry!  That said, I would happily exchange one piece for another style or size.  Exchanges, gladly.  Returns, negotiable.

What is your preferred form of payment? 

Cash or checks are always preferred at shows, tho credit cards are also accepted.  Internet, or email orders can be paid with checks or with credit cards.

How long will it take to get my order?

If the order is placed on a weekend while I am at a show, it will go out mid week after I get home if the item is in stock.  If I have to make the piece, I will email you with an ETA.  If you need something in a hurry, be sure to let me know when you place your order.  All orders are shipped via USPS priority mail.

Do you do custom work?

Absolutely!  If you see a necklace or a bracelet on the website and want it to be longer or shorter, just email me.  Or, if you want something special that you don't see on the website, email or call me about that.  My work makes great presents for brides maids and I can custom design to your colors. All I need is a swatch!